The museum offers a unique private collection of World War 1 relics. All the relics in the museum are found by Jean Paul de Vries, the owner of the museum, near the village of Romagne sous Montfaucon, the American sector in the First World War. Jean Paul collected over 200.000 objects for his museum and has a great story on every piece he found. Besides the many objects that are on display there is also a reconstruction of the battlefield (including a MG-position) of 10 by 5 meters and two underground shelters that can be visited.

The museum is a must for everyone who is interested in the First World War !!!

The museum is located near the large bridge and church in the center of the town. It is the last house on the left before passing the large bridge when driving from the church to the American cemetery. The address is Rue de L'andon 2, Romagne sous Montfaucon.

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Museum Romagne 14-18 Museum Romagne 14-18 Museum Romagne 14-18 Museum Romagne 14-18
Museum Romagne 14-18 Museum Romagne 14-18 Museum Romagne 14-18 Museum Romagne 14-18
Reference - Photos by Marco Magielse

Opening Hours and Prices

Museum Romagne 14-18
Rue de L'andon 2
Romagne sous Montfaucon
Tel: 003 3 29 85 10 14

Opening hours
Fri. Sat. Sun. from 12:30 till 18:00.
Closed all other days and hours.

By appointment the museum can be
visited all days of the week.

Price Museum:
- Adult: € 8.00
- Child (< 12 years ): Free
- Groups (12 people or more): € 5
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